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Royal by Danielle Steel

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Format: Large Paperback

Condition: New

Genre: Romance

In this spellbinding tale from Danielle Steel, a princess is sent away to safety during World War II, where she falls in love and is lost forever.

At the war rages on in the summer of 1943, causing massive destruction and widespread fear, the king and queen choose to quietly send their youngest daughter, Charlotte, to live with a trusted noble family in the Yorkshire countryside. Despite her headstrong nature, the princess's fragile health poses too great a risk for her to remain in war-torn London.

Third in line to the throne, seventeen-year-old Charlotte reluctantly uses an alias upon her arrival in Yorkshire, her guardians the only keepers of her true identity. A talented horsewoman, Charlotte begins to enjoy life out of the spotlight, concentrating on training with her beloved horse. But no one predicts that she will fall deeply in love with her protectors' son.

Far from her parents, a tragic turn of events leaves an infant orphaned. Alone in the world, that child will be raised in the most humble circumstances. No one, not even she, knows of her lineage. But when a stack of hidden letters come to light, a secret kept for nearly two decades finally surfaces and a long-lost princess emerges.