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The Flyaway Money by Enid Blyton 9780753730638.jpg

The Flyaway Money by Enid Blyton

RM 22.90

Format: Paperback

Condition: New with minor bookshelf wear

Genre: Children

When a banknote flies away from little Willy one day, he has to chase it down the lane and through the woods. Along the way he finds out much more about the world around him and encounters many startling discoveries! Enid Blyton brings her touch of magic to this collection of tales which feature a pair of quarrelsome brownies, a whistling pig and the story of the boy who scribbled...Other stories in this volume: The Whistling Pig Winkle-Pip Walks Out Funny Little Mankie The Little Prickly Family The Dawdlers The Bit of Barley Sugar and many more...