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The Six Red Wizards (Enid Blyton Star Reads Series 1) by Enid Blyton 9780753726433.jpg

The Six Red Wizards (Enid Blyton: Star Reads Series 1) by Enid Blyton [USED]

RM 15.90

Format: Paperback

Condition: Used; unread with major spots

Genre: Children

Since they moved into their castle in Mumble, the six red wizards have terrified the whole town. When Fum, their bad-tempered servant reveals the wizards' awful plans, the whole of Fairyland is petrified, and it's down to a brave young candle-seller to outwit the evil wizards and save Fairyland for good.  
The evil plotting of the six red wizards is just one of the many stories in this whimsical and eclectic collection from your favourite author. Timeless tales from Mr Pippin, Jack the lucky jackdaw, the cross old man, the disappointed sprites, and many more will keep you engrossed in thrilling and fantastical worlds for hours on end.