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Anne of Avonlea (Anne Of Green Gables #2) by L.M. Montgomery [SPOTS]

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Format : Paperback 

Condition : New but spots

Genre : Classics 

'Having adventures comes natural to some people,' said Anne serenely. 'You just have a gift for them or you haven't.'

Five years ago, a skinny, unwanted orphan arrived at Avonlea without a friend in the world; now it would be impossible to imagine Green Gables without Anne. Her high spirits and warm heart have won her a family and friends who love her. But when Anne starts a new job as a teacher at her old school, the real test of her character begins: at 'half past sixteen', she's not much older than her pupils and has a lot to prove. How can she inspire a love of learning in young minds-- especially when some of her students are even naughtier than she ever was?