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Great Dialogues of Plato by Plato, W.H.D. Rouse (Translation) 9780451471703.jpg

Great Dialogues of Plato by Plato, W.H.D. Rouse (Translation)

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Genre: Philosophy

“Plato is philosophy, and philosophy, Plato.”—Emerson
The Republic and other great dialogues by the immortal Greek philosopher Plato are masterpieces that form part of the most important single body of writing in the history of philosophy. Beauty, love, immortality, knowledge, and justice are discussed in these dialogues, which magnificently express the glowing spirit of Platonic philosophy.
Translated by W. H. D. Rouse, one of the world’s most outstanding classical scholars and translator of Homer’s The Odyssey and The Iliad, this volume features the complete texts of seven of Plato’s most revered works.