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King of the Cloud Forests by Michael Morpurgo [USED]

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Format: Paperback

Condition: Used; unread with minor spots

Genre: Children > Fantasy

ISBN: 9780603568398

'The creature was crouched by the fire and when he rose his bulk filled the room. He was like a giant man but yet not a man...'

It's 1941. Escaping from China as the Japanese invade, Ashley must leave his father and embark with Uncle Sung on a dangerous journey across the Himalayas towards India. Ashley finds himself alone in the hostile mountains, battling for life. He is just about to give up all hope, when he has a mysterious and terrifying encounter with a colony of yetis. However, far from being a threat, the yetis seem to know Ashley and start to worship him as their king. Ashley is uncomfortable with this false position and leaves their warm companionship to continue his hard journey, all alone, across into India. Against the odds, Ashley survives the harsh winter conditions to eventually return home to his father.