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One Day Three Autumns of Longing and Remembrance by Liew Suet Fun

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Format: Hardcover 

Condition: New 

Genre: Literature

Within these covers are tales of the tragi-comic last hours of a Siamese fighting fish who takes a wild leap to freedom, of birth in a small wooden house in Taiping, the wonder of a boatwoman's hands, the sly wit of beagles, feral life in the suburbs, meditations on love, hope, and rain, the bonds between father and daughter, daughter and mother, the recreation of a lost species of packaged white bread, forgotten scents, and mouth-watering meals. A poetic sensibility shot with a supple thread of steel runs throughout this finely wrought collection. Looping back and forth through time, One Day, Three Autumns reopens our senses to what is magical around us, through the evocative passages of one writer's search for meaning through the cycles of life.

Switch off all your beeping, tweeting, ringing devices. Brew yourself a pot of tea or coffee, sprawl on your favourite couch; open this book. Enjoy!