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Platform Scale for a Post-Pandemic World by Sangeet Paul Choudary 9780670095179.jpg

Platform Scale for a Post-Pandemic World by Sangeet Paul Choudary

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Genre: Business

Over the last decade or so, we're seeing the emergence of a new form of scale. Today's massively scaling startups - which rapidly grow to millions of users and billions in valuation - do not sell a product or service. Instead, they build a platform on which others can create and exchange value.

The many manifestations of the platform business model - social media, the peer economy, cryptocurrencies, APIs and developer ecosystems, the Internet of things, crowdsourcing models, and many others - are becoming increasingly relevant.

Yet, most new platform ideas fail because the business design and growth strategies involved in building platforms are not well understood.

Platform Scale lays out a structured approach to designing and growing a platform business model and addresses the key factors leading to the success and failure of these businesses.

Six core concepts for successful platform business model design

1. Re-imagine your business for platform scale

2. Leverage interaction-first design

3. Build cumulative value and minimize interaction failure

4. Solve chicken and egg problems

5. Design viral engines

6. Account for reverse network effects

Platform Scale is a maker's guide for entrepreneurs, innovators and educators looking to understand and implement the inner workings of highly scalable platform business models.