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The Affluent Investor by Phil DeMuth

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Format: Hardcover

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Genre: Finance

Countless advice books are available for newcomers to financial investment, but this brand-new title is a book with a big difference. It speaks to members of an underserved market segment: investors whose portfolios are worth $100,000 or more. The well-known investment advisor and bestselling author Phil DeMuth addresses the bread-and-butter issues facing that one per cent of the equities investment community. He tells them--
How to custom tailor their asset allocation to their personal circumstances How to capture the recognized outperforming market anomalies in their portfolio How to keep what they've got and avoid Wall street's wealth extraction machine
Author DeMuth also passes along some invaluable retirement investing advice that he got from Warren Buffett, and he explains the primary asset protection and tax minimization strategies that work for those in the high-net-worth bracket. Here are investment strategies for the affluent, and for those who are approaching affluence and are trying to take that big step forward.