• The Dark Half by Stephen King 9781501143779
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The Dark Half by Stephen King - HORROR ENGLISH BOOK

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Format: Pocket Book

Condition: New with minor bookshelf wear

Genre: Horror

ISBN: 9781501143779

After thirteen years of international bestseller stardom with his works o Violent crime fiction, author George Stark is officially declared dead—revealed by a national magazine to have been killed at! the hands of the man who created him: the once well-regarded but now obscure writer Thad Beaumont. Ihad's even gone far as to stage a mock burial of his wildly successful pseudonym,' complete with tombstone and the epitaph "Not a Very Nice Guy." Although on the surface it seems that Ihad can finally concentrate on his own novels, there's-a certain unease at the prospect of leaving George Stark behind. But that's nothing compared to the horror to descend upon Thad 's new life.' There are the vicious, out-of-control nightmares, for starters.l And how is he able to explain the fact that everyone connected to George Stark's untimely demise is now meeting a brutal end of their own in a pattern of homicidal savagery and why each blood-soaked crime scene has Iliad's fingerprints all over it? Thad Beaumont may have once believed that George Stark was running out of things to say, but he's going to find out just how wrong he is...

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