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The Power of Quiet An Inspirational Journal for Introverts by Miranda Hersey.png

The Power of Quiet: An Inspirational Journal for Introverts by Miranda Hersey

RM 29.90

Format : Paperback 

Condition : New 

Genre : Self-Help

Cherish your inner introvert with this notebook for taking a step back, quelling the chaos, and embracing your creativity!

Spending quality time alone can help you recharge your batteries, excavate your true feelings, and enrich your everyday experience. This journal celebrates the importance of shutting out the chaos and taking time to reflect. Through a series of creative journaling prompts, The Power of Quiet will take you on a pleasant and restorative journey of self-discovery.

• Over 100 questions to fill your days with quiet solitude and reflection.
• Encourages self-discovery and the celebration of your most introverted qualities.
• Creative exercises and engaging art help to inspire your natural creativity.