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The Riddles Of Epsilon by Christine Morton-Shaw [ SPOTS ]

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Format : Paperback 

Condition : Used but major spots 

Genre : Fantasy 

A haunting and gripping mystery that you won't be able to put down.
The doorstep was black, shiny as glass. Through the layer of dead leaves and yuck, some words shone through. Words, carved on the doorstep! Scraping the leaves away, I found some symbols, and in English: WHERE –SILON DWELLS

Inside an abandoned cottage on the remote island of Lume, Jess encounters an eerie ghost-like presence. She also finds three locked boxes and, as she earns the right to unlock each, the contents send her mind spinning.

Gradually, Jess unravels the mysteries, guided by the mysterious Epsilon. But is he a guide from the bright side or the dark?