• The Starting School Book  by Sarah Ockwell-Smith 9780349423791
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The Starting School Book by Sarah Ockwell-Smith | 100% ORIGINAL | PARENTING NONFICTION BOOK |

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Format: Large Paperback

Condition: New 

Genre: Parenting

ISBN: 9780349423791

An indispensable guide for parents whose children are about to start, or have recently started school.

Starting school is a huge important milestone for children and their parents. The best school years happen when everyone involved feels happy and engaged with the whole experience, and yet, with so much information to digest and so little guidance available, the process can be incredibly confusing.

The Starting School Book is a reassuring and practical guide for parents of school-age children. Sarah Ockwell-Smith provides clear and helpful advice for each stage of the process, whether your are just beginning to think about your child's education, applying for a school place, preparing your child for starting at the school you have chosen, or your child has already started school and you would like to help smooth the transition.

Specific guidance includes:

* Starting school ages, policies and procedures

* How to decide the best starting age for a summer-born child

* What to look for when choosing a school and what questions to ask when you visit

* How to prepare your child emotionally and practically for starting school

* Common concerns including settling in, separation anxiety, friendship issues, school refusal and reconnecting with your child at the end of the day

* Understanding your own feelings about the transition and your role in the wider school community

With case studies and advice from parents who have been through it, and enlightening tips from teachers, The Starting School Book provides all the information you need to help your child have a positive, calm and happy school experience.